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Verbal & Non-verbal Communication Skills

Although human beings are a superior breed over other animals and have been gifted with the skill to communicate more fluently with each other, this topic today picks up more audience than any other subject today. We get a lot of queries and requirement on how one can talk better and be more impactful. The skill of communicating with verbal language as well as with the help of body language is called Communication Skills. The formats in training that we conduct towards this subject are Written, Verbal and Non-verbal. Anything that involves passing an idea or thought across is communicating.

We meet a lot of people who talk a lot yet are not able to communicate effectively. We also meet people who say less and the conversation has more value. Not being able to transfer ideas, beliefs and thoughts could be very frustrating. In the age of texting and technology, Communication Skills have taken to a whole different connotation. Language is reduced to abbreviation and the sentences are said with the help of emoticons. The lack of clear communication can impact professional presentations, team effectiveness, relationships and also self-esteem.

At SaSha Training Solutions, we work on different modules addressing all levels of Communication Skills. From writing to emails, memos and letters to speaking on the phone and in person. Non-verbal communication by itself covers posture, gesture, haptic, kinesics, body language, grooming and pictorial communicators. Our counsellors in the one on one sessions focus on an overall development of an individual. We groom what is being said, how it is being said, why it is being said and what is the body language when saying it. Our Communication Skills module has received much appreciation from our clients and we only strive to improve further.