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SaSha Training Solutions

is a Company started out in 2017 with a clear vision in mind.  We want to change and redefine the way trainings have been done. We believe that if a person has sharpened the basic human/life skills, he/she will not only be successful but will also be instrumental in creating more successful people. With a goal to create enough of potential in this country, we started with this company that is poised to making offline as well as online trainings an experience you would want to put into practice in your daily routine, to see a change in and around yourself creating people who become a boon to their institution, organisation and even homes.  Our trainings explore each topic from a psychological perspective. With a very practical methodology of 60% activities and 40% discussions, we seek total involvement and interactions. We facilitate the shedding of inhibitions, so that people begin to explore life more fully without fear. 


We work at 3 different levels



Gearing up for new levels of life, students become the best link for any change that needs to be brought about in thought processes and ambitions. With innocent minds, ready to explore, we work at feeding them with positivity and seriousness towards life goals, eliminating any confusion that they may be going through.  The most popular programs have been personality development, how to clear interviews, battling negative emotions, entrepreneurship and many such interesting topics that keep our youth aligned to their vision. 


Corporate Trainings

From offline breakthrough experiences to power packed online programs we have done it all.  We have worked with over 3,000 employees from every level across the country.  Bringing energy and passion into the workplace and improving interpersonal and leadership skills helps organisations stand strong.  Even in tough times.  Our skill development topics on leadership, ego management, peak performance, time management, stress management, etc. along with many fun and entertainment initiatives have kept employees engaged and learning.


Counselling & Workshops

Shalini Gamre is a Certified Psychological Counselor and works towards helping individuals battle stress, anxiety, fear and many other such disturbing conditions that impair the ability to live a normal life.  Our open workshops are conducted to bring together people who want to make life worth living.  We have conducted workshops on breaking out of the comfort zone, personality building for excellence, relationship management, etc.   

What our Clients says About us

Personal Growth Workshop

“Through changing my thought process and outlook by working with Shalini, I feel I have transitioned as a person. Also, I have gone through a massive level of personal growth. The things, people, circumstances that used to bother me no longer do and I am more effective than ever at my work, which has been noticed by others around me. I am the most contented I have ever been in my life and at work and feel that this is fundamentally down to guidance from Shalini.”

Vedika Thadhani

Smart IT

Sales Training Program

“Shalini is very accommodating and all her training sessions are appropriately customized to meet your requirements. Her training sessions are the perfect way to educate and train your employees without making it feel like a lecture, each session has a blend of information and activity which keeps everyone engaged throughout the session. At the end of the day you can be assured that everyone in the session leaves satisfied and with the training agenda fulfilled.”

Karan Harlalka

Gini Constructions

Leadership Program 

“Shalini has been nothing short of amazing. When I first attended her corporate training session, I thought that this will be the usual motivational talks to pep up the staff however I was amazed by the activities and role-plays conducted by her with fine grace, which got each one of us involved and also proved to have an impactful meaning towards the end of it. Walking live on broken pieces of glass was one such event which I would have never ventured upon myself, but with such ease, tact and intelligent structured approach  Shalini made us all walk so confidently that it brought about a new perspective in me i.e to face life’s challenges head-on and for all, you know that what you feared the most, was actually not worth worrying about at all. At some point — present or past — fear has torn us all away from some significant accomplishment or victory, couldn’t relate how to cope with this fear better than this. Her workshop created a tremendous amount of positive energy and I find her approach unique and practical from rest in the industry. Wishing her the best of success always.”

Rishi Chandnani

Bilkish Associates

Leadership and Personal Growth Workshop

“Shalini has the right attitude and a good way to put across complex perspectives.  The activities she infuses to give the participants a path-breaking experience is commendable.  Is has been a great experience knowing and working with her at a training program we conducted at our facility in Mumbai.”

D. K. Yadav

Indian Air Force, Mumbai

Leadership for the Youth

“Shalini mam has conducted various workshops at my college and I remember every learning.  Her sessions are easy to understand and actively keeps the participants involved.  She has a passion to make you explore and exercise your hidden talents by giving you an amazing experience.  I highly recommend attending her sessions and I believe you shall appreciate your decision.”

Swarna Srikanth

Student, SIES College, Mumbai

Personality Development Workshop

“I attended the Non-Communications Workshop conducted personally by Shalini and the workshop opened a new avenue for me as an individual who is fairly soft-spoken.  Taking into consideration all that we discussed, I have looked at life differently ever since.  Moreover, I was amazed with the detailed explanation drafted by her for every case study presented to her.  This optimistic attitude only convinced me further of my learnings.”


Nigel D'souza 

The Live Bug  

Communication Skills Workshop

“I have interacted with Shalini Gamre on a few occasions.  She had conducted a workshop on Communication Skills for my people.  I have always found her to be confident and driven.  Her workshops have a powerful experience and good learnings which one can apply easily in the day to day life.  She is an amazing person.  Her ability and versatility as a Trainer are of top-notch.  She is friendly, takes feedback and makes adjustments swiftly.  A total professional and it was a pleasure working with her.”

Minesh Gandhi 

Founder & Managing Director, Mira Inform Pvt. Ltd. 

Leadership Workshop

“I attended the workshop conducted by Shalini on how to overcome mental barriers.  She conducted an exercise of the glass walk.  Initially, I had my doubts and was skeptical if I would be hurt, but Shalini calmly assured me of the belief in myself and actually, it turned out to be easy.  All my unreal inhibitions were only in my mind and she emphatically proved it.  That one-lifetime experience and my mental blocks were cleared and when in doubt I always think of that experience of the glass walk.”

Abhijit Sanzgiri

Senior Partner, A. P. Sanzgiri & Co. 

Women Empowerment Program

“Ms. Shalini Gamre’s online session on ‘The Power of Being a Woman’ was a very valuable one.  It was thought-provoking and informative.  All our participants gave us good feedback on the session being useful and they look forward to more such sessions. “

Dr. Rachel Nancy Philip

Principal, Tiruppur Kumaran College For Women

Christmas & New Year Special – Fun and Entertain Program

Many Thanks to Shalini and her team ! Special Thanks to On-Screen Team we sincerely appreciate their efficient, gracious approach towards our employees.  We couldn’t be more thrilled to work with such a terrific group of people, and We are looking forward to work with you on our next plan!


Suchit Malhotra

Group Leader - Human Resources & Admin

“Shalini is like a ball of energy, she just exudes positivity in her trainings like no other. The content she uses is fantastic and is able to explain it in a meaningful manner.  The virtual activities are the best part of the training. My team really enjoyed every bit of her learning programs and we wish that we get to do the firewalk and rod bending exercises in the near future”

Binoli Patel

Head – People Connect, Enrich Salons & Academy

Student Training on Leadership

“All of the sessions I attended was so amazing that I couldn’t get better than this. Each session had a positive energy and a zeal to learn more and it brought in me the confidence, believe, love and more over the power to forgive someone even when you are at disregard. I really believe learning never stops as I had a great experience at the workshop. Sometimes it’s alright to not know everything because that’s when you will learn and get to know everything.”

Dipali RAJE

Student - V.G. Vaze College

Our Clients