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I hate my BOSS

I hate my BOSS!!

I am sure this thought may have crossed your mind at least once in your years of working.It isn’t the job, the workplace, your colleagues, the salary/perks or anything else, but that one individual who makes your life a living hell.
According to you, a good boss may be one who is understanding, respectfully and accommodating, while a bad boss is one who is rude, arrogant and selfish. This article is for those, who think they have a bad boss. You need 3 qualities to combat him/her and you are set.

Self-Awareness : The boss is the boss. Don’t try to change him/her. He/she may or may not be as per your definition, however, there is one person who is. That is, You! Could you be the most, efficient, hardworking, knowledgeable, tactful, self-less, tolerant, committed, focused, punctual, ambitious, dedicated, dependable and trusted employee ever? Difficult? Of course, it is difficult to be all that in one life, but if you simply focus on one aspect at a time, you would hardly have any time left to see what your boss is not, because you would be very busy being aware of what You really are and getting better.
Keep away from negative people : You are already gathering yourself and dealing with a person who you think is difficult and then you have others who also don’t like him. They will fill you in with more negativity over matters that don’t even concern you. Keep them away. Stick only to your challenges and focus on resolving them alone.
Respect : Your job, most often than not, pays your bills. How would you feel if you lost your job today? If the answer is…’happier’, then say goodbye to your arrogant boss, right away. However, if the answer is an annoying silence, then be aware of the unsaid words. You need the job. Having respect for this fact will drive all your energy towards creating credibility, updating your CV, building your network and when you get a chance waving your troubles adios. Till then, ask your mind to stay respectful.
Difficult bosses, are resources to great learning. In dealing with them, you will become a person with great tolerance, endurance and tact. At the end, none of your conflicts with an individual should be bigger than your vision for yourself, your family and society. If you want to create a healthy and secure life for yourself and your job is currently the only way to achieve that, then only that reason is enough for you to overcome any challenge you are facing with an individual.
However, if you work for a man/woman who is abusive in any form, you know you need to take relevant action. Quitting won’t set anything right here either. Stay and correct the status score. You will walk away with a lot more dignity.